TOMSCRM is a one station all solution cloud based application, It covers every step of real estate business, starting from collecting availability, following up and Confirming with landlords, marketing and posting adds, Receiving calls and creating leads down to closing deals with the lowest efforts and man power possible, and with the heist performance of your company.

We noted the downside of using CRM sometimes that it might slow down the time of operation for those who are on the field so we created a simple app to help the agents be connected and always updated to the latest status of their property, and able them to update their status, follow up their daily tasks and even close deals and create a contract on site.

We aim to carry your team to achieve its best, and give smart suggestion on where to invest in your marketing, to bring more business from your campaigns, communication and website via the varies tools we present in TOMSCRM.

1. It is none stop developing product:

Our team is committed to providing everyone with the best experience possible, that has frequently updates and streamlined implementation processes ensure that our clients see a faster Return on Investment.

2. Pricing!

We will not be undersold. Period. There is no solution in the Market with the same features –if found- which offers the same deal with such a price for our clients.

3. Cutting Edge Technology:

Our application was designed by Real Estate brokers, agents, user interface professional designers and technology experts joining forces to bring this products to live. We are constantly enhancing our products and releasing powerful new features.

4. Flexibility:

TOMSCRM was built to enhance your real estate practice. Leverage the CRM features you need, utilize the ones you want, and removed the ones you don’t, providing you the right equipment to close a deal.

5. Mobility:

Don’t be glued to a desk, or stuck in your office. TOMSCRM offers our clients the power to build their real estate business and follow up with clients, leads and tenants in the cloud.

The mobile application will able you as TOMSCRM client to upload, manage and list your properties on site, and generating contracts to close the deal on the go.

6. Experts in real estate:

We work with real estate gurus, harvested all their needs and requirements for a smooth flow of the business and combined them all in an easy to use and clear user interface to be not just a good software, but a real sufficient tool for real estate work process.

7. Your feedback:

A big part of TOMSCRM plan to continue providing the best service to real estate business is by working with our clients, and that what makes us the most reliable and trusted Real Estate CRM out there.

8.Your presence in our life:

Dedicated partnerships to bring the combination of the latest and greatest technology with the uprising needs of the market through our suggestions and our continues visits to your offices and your presence in our offices as well.